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To me staying busy is my fuel, it is where I find my energy to do more and increase my creativity.  At any given moment I am committed to doing at least three things.  I believe that if you want to make a difference in the world you have to stop talking about it and act.  Whether it is improving the built environment, education, design, advertising, music - the only way to make a differnce is to be involved in making that difference.  I'm the kind of guy that would rather risk everything while trying to make a difference in others lives than enjoy comfort never having to step out and do something bold.

Mancusi Design, llc


Design Moves People - it is as simple as that.  At Mancusi Design, LLC we believe that great design is the most important facet of anything we will experience. From the places we live and work to the spaces and people we interact with everyday - design moves people in powerful ways.  


Mancusi Design, LLC is a multi-disciplinary design studio poised to bring the best design forward through architecture, branding, identity, graphic design, and consulting.  From award wining built architectural work, to iconic and imaginative creative - our goal is to make the world a more beautiful and thoughtful place through design.

Mancusi Builders, llc


Mancusi Builders, LLC is proud to be one of the leaders in the building industry committed to innovative design, inspiring spaces, and earth conscious construction. ​With over twenty years of quality and experience, Mancusi Builders, LLC enters the modern age of living by building for the demands of today and the prospects of tomorrow. In an ever-changing world with evolving lifestyles, it is our commitment to provide the greatest experience of place with the latest methods and building technologies.


Through the balance of design-build, we treat each project individually ensuring that every aspect of the building goes beyond the basic functional needs and aesthetics we tend to accept.​We understand the state of global affairs and the role the building industry plays in our environment. It is our devotion, through the use of green building technologies and intelligent design, to create sustainable, ecological, and economical buildings for every client. We are helping people Live Different.

Mancusi Development


Endeavoring to make the built environment a better place, Mancusi Development is a new development company setting out to transform the way we live, work, and play. Based in Scottsdale, Arizona - Mancusi Development is starting to introduce new projects within the valley that are small, sustainable, modern, and unique - built for living.  

Mancusi Development is still in its infancy, but we are excited about this new direction, new venture, and how it will shape out communities.

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Associate Director - AIA Phoenix Metro

Member, Advisory Council - AIA Phoenix Metro

Leadership Institute - American Institute of Architects National

Volunteer, School of Architecture - Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation

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