Past Ventures

The Path I've Traveled...

Opportunity is something that is never squandered and interests should always be pursued.  For me I have always acted on my intuition, my passions,  and the opportunity to see what I'm made of.  Whether it is attempts in competitive mogul skiing, developing a concept for a travel app, or leading a non-profit organization - I like to say that I've made every attempt to date to learn, grow, and make a difference.  Beyond simply employment, these are just highlights of my journey to date that influence my actions today.



In partnership, I co-founded BarCusi, a lifestyle brand that focused on bringing all the world has to offer to people who "Aspire to Be".  In our pursuits we focused on travel as a core component and developed a concept for a Travel App. (see the video to the left).  Part of being an entrepreneur is taking risks and never being afraid to fail.  While the Travel App never took off like we hoped - we still plan one day to breathe life into the concept.  In a major lifestyle change of our our - my partner and I decided to put BarCusi on hold until a later date.

American Insitute of Architecture Students


For over 10 years, I have been engaged in the education and practice of architecture, from sitting on boards to advising National and International Organizations in Architecture and Architectural Education - tied to the pulse of this emerging generation.  In 2011 I was elected to serve as leader of the non-profit, independent student organization of 7,000 members in 5 countries. Serving as the National President and Chairman of the Board of Directors I initiated the Re:Branding of AIAS, made advocacy a strategic priority of the organization starting with Federal Student Loans (National Design Services Act), drafted and passed a four year financial plan to double revenue, achieved decade record high membership, and re-imagined the future of the journal of ideas by the future of the architecture profession 'Crit'.



Music has always and will always be my favorite tool of communication and reflection.  In years past I committed a significant portion of my life to becoming a professional musician. From founding and leading a famed rock band in New England that opened for National acts and played venues that drew thousands to going off on my own as a singer/songwriter releasing an album on iTunes and gaining radio play.  For over 10 years I've toured, I've promoted, I've come head on with the woes of the record industry.  While I've put my music career on hold to make room for more recent endeavors, I still find time to write new music and perform occasionally.


Other Past Ventures


National Director - AIA National Board of Directors

Member, Licensure Task Force - National Council of Architectural Registration Boards

Member, Education Oversight Committee - Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation

Accreditation Review Conference - National Council of Architecture Accrediting  Board

West Quadrant Director - American Institute of Architecture Students

Freestyle Moguls Competitor - American Ski and Snowboard Association

3rd Degree Black Belt - Uechi-Ryu Butokukai

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